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Publishing and Printing

GP&S has been publishing since 1993. Our staff has experience in all phases of publishing, editing and printing, to include books, magazine, pamphlets and promotional products. The owner began by publishing a newspaper in Birmingham in 1976 and has since edited and published hundreds of periodicals, journals, technical manuals and books – both fiction and non-fiction.

We offer full-service publishing for your periodicals or books. You provide the writing, photos, graphics, etc., and we provide you with a finished product. For more information, contact us with your needs.


We have access with low priced printers and factories in the U.S. and China depending on the job. By outsourcing your book printing, you can save significantly as long as you have from 4 to 6 weeks to receive your finished book. Most importantly, you can save even more if you only need small quantities, because most western book printers require large minimums or charge a premium price on small quantities. If you are pressed for time, we have local resources available for your printing needs as well.

Full Service Publishing

We take your drafts, edit and format them and turn them into a finished book, magazine or pamphlet, providing full-service publishing services to include ISBN registration, barcodes, and other services as needed. We can even assist you in setting up on-line sales of your hard copy volumes and help you convert your books to Kindle E-Book format through

It is an exciting time to be in publishing and we can help walk you through the process covering all the bases.

Promotional Products/Advertising

We can provide flyers, pamphlets, booklets and more to promote your business or products. Our design, composition, and creative publishing as been praised by clubs, organizations, businesses and even governmental agencies. We can do a quick turnaround on smaller quantities of printed items. Contact us with your needs.

Using our Chinese factories, we can provide everything at a lower price to include such promotional products as decals, embroidered patches, pins, badges, mugs and much more. Feel free to contact us with your needs.

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