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Top ten reasons is better than C#.

Clients Provided Support by the Owner:

Behavioral Health Systems—
    Birmingham, AL—
    Deer Park, FL
Bradley, Arrant, Rose and White—
    Birmingham, AL
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant—
EBSCO Industries—
    Birmingham, AL
Elster Corporation—
    Raleigh, NC
Hazelwood Nursery—
    Pell City, AL
    Durham, NC
Stupp Corporation—
    Baton Rouge, LA
Global Trash—
    Mannheim, Germany;
Ragland, AL
    Orlando, FL
    Jiangmen, China
Home Shopping Network, St. Petersburg, FL
Iron Data—
    Mobile, AL
Lockheed Martin—
    Lakeland, FL
    Pelham, AL
Petersburg Holding—
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
NCCIM/Redstone Arsenal—
    Huntsville, AL
Optimum Outcomes—
    Birmingham, AL
Stray Dog’s Hash House Diner—
    Mobile, AL
Success Products—
    Hoover, AL
U. S. Army —
    Birmingham, AL

GP&S provides great project management and a track record of handling software and website development projects within budget and, usually ahead of projected deadlines. When you turn your projects over the Global Publications and Software, you are assured of a successful outcome with a reasonable price tag. GP&S complete our projects more quickly than our competition to save you money, not drag out the project to pad the budget as is often done.

GP&S specializes in the following technologies and types of projects:

Windows Client Applications

We specialize in VB.Net* on a Microsoft SQL Server* database platform, as well as interface work with Microsoft Office* applications. GP&S can work with your existing system or create a system for you. We found that VB.Net uses 20% fewer keystrokes and less development time, with absolutely no marked decrease in efficiency of any other .Net programming language, saving clients time and money.

Website Development* on an SQL Server database platform, with some client-side java scripting as needed. GP&S can work with your existing servers, both internet and/or intranet. GP&S can also provide you with full-service internet solutions on leased servers if needed as well. Need some bells and whistles like graphics work, animated graphics, flash, etc... GP&S can do that.

Conversions to .Net Specialties

GP&S can convert FROM the following languages and technologies to modern and more efficient .Net technologies saving you a fortune in future maintenance costs:

Databases – Including but not limited to data residing in Visual Foxpro*, Foxpro*, Access*, Excel*, Lotus 123, Access, Dbase I – IV, flat file, and more.

Programming Languages – VB3 – 6*, C, C++, Visual Foxpro* all versions, Foxpro* 1 – 6, Basic, and more. Just tell us of your needs and GP&S can let you know if it is possible.

Web – Classic ASP, Javascript, Perl, HTML and more. GP&S can even convert your web pages built with kiddies tools like Dreamweaver and turn them into professional websites in ASP.Net.

Technologies We Excel In (includes all versions)...

VB.Net* (2000 to 2012)
ASP.Net VB* (2000 to 2012)
Foxpro/Visual Foxpro* (all versions)
VB3* through VB6*
MS SQL Server* (all version)
Reporting of all types, to include working with Excel spreadsheets and other Microsoft Office* input and output.

If you do not find your needs here, just ask. We have worked in many of the older technologies as well as newer ones. We are experts at full life cycle development, from business analysis, design, development to deployment and testing, as well as maintenance of existing systems.


GP&S understands that there are many requirements and many hazards in IT today. HIPAA and other privacy requirements, data encryption, prevention of SQL insertion attacks, and more require that you hire a firm that can handle your needs and has experience taking care of these problems. GP&S has experience with all of that.

Save on Your IT Budget

Contact us today with your needs and let us show you how GP&S can help you create a better and more responsive IT process, without having to hire a large, overpriced IT staff, or even even worse, contractors who stuff the billing and go over time and over budget.

*The programming languages, database systems and applications listed above are the trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

GP&S is a proud sponsor of…
McDowell Bible College
Certificates & Degrees in Ministry, Worship Leader, Biblical Studies,
Religion, Church Administration & Church Media and Programming
A Non-Profit International Christian College