Global Publications and Software®

The owner of GP&S began programming in 1982. Seven years later, he began developing applications for the U.S. Army, where for the next five years he created software that automated communications processes such that many manning slots could be reduced saving the military millions, receiving an Army commendation medal.

GP&S began as a publication for the world’s largest running club in 1993. From newsletter to magazine to books, it eventually became a website that constantly grew— to include database supported club listings, on-line publications as well as club and member websites. Under the trade name Global Trash, GP&S actually provided Facebook® style automated websites, email and social networking tools before Facebook® existed.

In 1995, GP&S began contracting and subcontracting to provide programming and database support to various businesses and industries. This included web and Windows® client software development and maintenance for applications, reporting and database support. Industries supported include medical, business accounting, website and email services, marketing, manufacturing, warehouse, non-profit, sporting events, insurance, call centers, military and governmental applications, and training.

What we did for them, we can do for you.

GP&S is a proud sponsor of…
McDowell Bible College
Certificates & Degrees in Ministry, Worship Leader, Biblical Studies,
Religion, Church Administration & Church Media and Programming
A Non-Profit International Christian College